About Heaven Pro

It is the beginning of a new season and it is time to take your barbering career to the next level with our wide range of tools crafted to perfection to suit your own personal needs. HeavenPro offers you a lifetime warranty and 10% discount off your first order.

Barbers Finest

Heaven Pro is a supplier of barbershop & men’s grooming products. We sell custom made cut throat razors, counter top station mats & hair grippers.

Our products are of the finest quality & are a great starting point or addition to any aspiring barbers kit bag. Even if you have never held a pair of clippers before, there is nothing like making that connections as you grasp your new tools for the first time. Join the growing list of barber making Heaven their “go to”.

Mark D
Business Owner

Heaven Pro is my first choice when I am purchase Straight Edge Razors for my barbershops. The design is awesome, they feel great in the hand & all of my customers ask me where they can buy them. I don’t just use them at work, I use at home & I tell all of my friends about them.

Ben S

I love my Heaven Pro products. I order them online & they are here within a few days. I am studying hairdressing at TAFE & I am the envy of my classmates.

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Why Choose Heaven Pro?

Barbering is one of the oldest, most stable & well respected trades. It’s beaten wars, economics highs & lows & more recently, fashion that has increased the profile of male grooming. This has helped “regrow” the barber industry.

By using any of the Heaven Pro straight edge razor range, you will save money! With razor replacement cartridges often costing more than $20 for a 5 pack, by simply looking after your Heaven Pro, you will have extra cash in your pocket within a few short months.

Learn how to use it properly & learn how to look after it. If you follow these 2 simple rules, it will last you for the rest of your life.

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